ecofeminism on visual rhetoric in environmental campaigns

[[ Click here to view this video on visual rhetoric ]] but then return to read more, below. In class, we discussed how suitably furry or otherwise adorable creatures become “poster animals” for various environmental… Continue reading

critiques of ecofeminism

This image represents essentialist ecofeminist imagery. First, please note that each post on this blog has included critical analysis at some level within each of the areas I’ve explored.  But here, I would… Continue reading

the chipko movement as a case study of ecofeminism

Within the literature I surveyed in writing this blog, ecofeminim tends to hold the Chipko movement as a model of an ecofeminist environmental movement.    In the 1970’s a group of Indian villagers in… Continue reading

ecofeminism and deep ecology

Here I will briefly compare ecofeminism to deep ecology.  [ To read a short introduction to deep ecology, try this link: ] Some propose that deep ecology and ecofeminism  have much in… Continue reading

The link between women and nature?

We have already examined (see what is ecofeminism?) the ecological feminist claim that there are connections between: 1.      Treatment of women and “other” marginalized groups And 2.     Treatment of nature (by which they… Continue reading


I’ll be using this blog to explore the Eco-feminist position.  I’ll be considering the following topics: 1.  What is Ecofeminism? 2.  What are the Connections between Women and Nature? 3.  Ecofeminism, Deep Ecology,… Continue reading